Therapy Services

Discover a safe space for personal growth and healing with our therapy services. Our qualified and compassionate therapists provide individualized support to help you navigate life's challenges, fostering resilience, insight, and emotional well-being.



CBT helps to process traumatic experiences by addressing negative thought patterns and beliefs related to the trauma.  more  


Are you dealing with the loss of a loved-one? CBT assists in navigating the grieving process by addressing distorted thinking related to loss.  more  


Are you struggling with an addiction? CBT targets the thoughts and behaviours that contribute to addictive patterns.  more  

Anxiety, Stress or Depression

CBT is particularly effective in treating anxiety and depression by challenging negative thought patterns and promoting positive thinking.  more  

Panic Attacks

My Cognitive Behaviour Therapy focuses on identifying and modifying catastrophic thoughts that contribute to panic attacks.  more  


I am here to help all kinds of clients confront and gradually desensitise themselves to feared objects or situations.  more  

Relationship Issues

Transform your relationships through mindful communication. CBT explores and challenges negative thought patterns in relationships.  more  


Working together, we create a framework for processing and reframing thoughts and beliefs related to the abuse.  more  

Self-Defeating Behaviours

I will help you to identify and challenge self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours, and help you create interventions towards positive thinking.  more  


We can work together to address the emotional impact of bullying by working on cognitive distortions related to self-worth and resilience.  more