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The path to positive transformation

If you are having problems with self-defeating behaviours, addictions, phobias, or traumas, I am here to help. CBT looks at identifying and challenging negative thought patterns, replacing them with healthier, more constructive alternatives. 

By understanding your thought patterns, coping mechanisms, and life experiences, I can create exercises for you to promote effective and sustainable change.




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Whether you are experiencing trouble coping with past experiences or need help building a better future, I provide therapy in Wolverhampton and online to help you.

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How can Therapy Chair help you with CBT in Wolverhampton?


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CBT helps individuals process and reframe traumatic experiences by addressing negative thought patterns and beliefs related to the trauma.

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Are you dealing with the loss of a loved-one? CBT assists in navigating the grieving process by addressing distorted thinking related to loss.

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Are you struggling with an addiction? CBT targets the thoughts and behaviours that contribute to addictive patterns.



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Anxiety, Stress or Depression 

CBT is particularly effective in treating anxiety, stress, and depression by challenging negative thought patterns and promoting positive behavioural changes.

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Panic Attacks and Phobias 

CBT focuses on identifying and modifying catastrophic thoughts that contribute to panic attacks. I will help clients confront and gradually desensitise themselves to feared objects or situations.

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Relationship Issues 

Our therapy sessions are tailored to individuals seeking to navigate and overcome challenges in their relationships. We delve deep into understanding and addressing negative thought patterns and communication styles that may be hindering your relationships.



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Working together, we create a framework for processing and reframing thoughts and beliefs related to the abuse.

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Self-Defeating Behaviours 

I will help you to identify and challenge self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.

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We can work together to address the emotional impact of bullying by working on cognitive distortions related to self-worth and resilience.






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Helping you find peace with yourself

Therapy Chair is where you can receive specialist CBT in Wolverhampton or online via Zoom.

I am fully qualified to provide integrative therapy using modalities such as: Psychodynamic, Person-Centred, Inner Child work, alongside Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, providing a holistic and tailored approach to helping your mental wellbeing.





Embarking on a collaborative journey

Therapy Chair use CBT is often used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches, to create a package that will help us address the root cause of your problems. Our success depends very much on the interaction and teamwork between ourselves, and on your commitment to the assignments we agree upon to help aid your improvement.

With my therapy in Wolverhampton, we will work together to help you cope with whatever your past, present and future holds.

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