Therapy for phobias



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Gentle Support: Overcoming Phobias with Compassionate Therapy

Are you having trouble dealing with a phobia? I will help you confront and gradually desensitise yourself to feared objects or situations.

Together we can explore how cognitive restructuring addresses irrational thoughts associated with phobias, promoting more realistic and balanced thinking. Success in these experiments helps reshape perceptions and increase confidence in facing the feared object or situation.




Your Path to Lasting Relief

We can also collaboratively engage in behavioural experiments to test and challenge phobic beliefs. 

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Helping you find the right coping techniques

Similar to my approach to panic attacks, CBT addresses distorted thoughts related to phobias. We will work to challenge irrational beliefs and replace them with more realistic thoughts, reducing the fear response.

Whatever it is you are afraid of, I am not afraid of helping you through it, and making your life easier and less stressful in general. Once you have conquered a fear, it will give you great confidence to conquer other things in your life too.