Therapy for panic attacks



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Reclaiming Control: Tailored Approaches to Panic Attack Therapy

Are you struggling with having panic attacks? My CBT therapy can help. CBT focuses on identifying and modifying catastrophic thoughts that contribute to panic attacks.

We can work to identify specific triggers that contribute to panic attacks. Understanding these allows us to develop targeted strategies to manage and reduce the frequency of panic attacks. 




Navigating Panic Attacks with Expert Therapy

I can guide you to replace irrational thoughts with more balanced and realistic perspectives, reducing the intensity of panic-related fears.

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Step into a life free from fear

Through mindfulness and relaxation techniques, coupled with cognitive restructuring, I will help you in gaining control over panic attacks. CBT also teaches specific behavioural strategies to cope with panic attacks in the moment. Grounding techniques, such as focusing on the senses or engaging in a simple task, can help you regain a sense of control during a panic attack.

We can also practice breathing exercises and cognitive restructuring to help manage and prevent panic attacks. With regular sessions I can provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the process of overcoming panic attacks and phobias.