Therapy for Addiction



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Therapeutic Approaches to Addiction Treatment

Are you struggling with an addiction? CBT targets the thoughts and behaviours that contribute to addictive patterns. It also helps identify triggers, helps you to develop coping strategies, and build healthier habits to overcome substance abuse or addictive behaviours.

I can work with you to identify specific triggers and situations that lead to cravings and substance use. 




Personalised Addiction Therapy Solutions

We will work to recognise patterns of behaviour, places, or emotional states that contribute to the desire to use substances.
Through this awareness, you can develop coping strategies to manage and overcome cravings.

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Empower yourself

I am here to help you to overcome addictive behaviours. CBT targets the root causes of addiction, providing practical strategies to change harmful patterns and build a foundation for lasting recovery. CBT delves into the underlying issues contributing to addiction, such as trauma, co-occurring mental health disorders, or interpersonal conflicts.

By addressing these root causes, you can develop a more comprehensive understanding of your addiction and work towards holistic healing. We can also develop a personalised relapse prevention plan together, which will help you anticipate and manage situations that may pose a risk of relapse.