Therapy for Bereavement



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A Source of Comfort and Understanding

Are you dealing with the loss of a loved-one? I am here to listen and help. CBT assists in navigating the grieving process by addressing distorted thinking related to loss.

Together we will create coping strategies, such as identifying and challenging maladaptive thoughts, so you can manage grief and promote emotional healing. CBT helps individuals develop skills for identifying and managing potential triggers and stressors that could contribute to future distress. 




Bereavement Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

We can also create a relapse prevention plan to maintain the progress you have made in therapy and continue building resilience.

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Coping with grief and loss

I can help you find solace and strength through grief. I will assist in navigating the grieving process, addressing distorted thoughts, and fostering a healthier perspective on loss.

Bereavement can erode self-esteem and a sense of control. CBT focuses on rebuilding self-worth through positive affirmations, self-empowerment exercises, and setting achievable goals. As you regain a sense of agency, you are better positioned to navigate the challenges of recovery.