Therapy for anxiety

Stress or Depression



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Your Journey to Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or stress, rest assured you are not alone. While asking for help may seem difficult, CBT is particularly effective in treating anxiety, stress, and depression.

It works by challenging negative thought patterns and promoting positive behavioural changes. Mindfulness and relaxation techniques can be incorporated to manage stress, while behavioural activation helps combat depression by encouraging engaging activities. 




Transforming Struggle into Strength

Together we will help you understand negative thought patterns that contribute to your problems.

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Practical ways to help you manage stress

I am here to help you to unravel the complexities of your thoughts and emotions. CBT equips you with the tools to challenge negative thinking patterns, manage stressors, and break free from the grip of anxiety and depression.

We will help you improve your problem-solving skills to address life stressors effectively, breaking down problems into manageable parts, generating potential solutions, and implementing action plans.

Over time you will develop a repertoire of coping skills to manage emotional distress. These skills may include assertiveness training, effective communication, time management, and strategies for emotional regulation.