Therapy for bullying



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Building Resilience and Emotional Well-being

If you are struggling to cope with bulling, either in the past or present, I am here to help you overcome this. We can work together to address the emotional impact of bullying by working on cognitive distortions related to self-worth and resilience.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be a valuable and empowering approach to help you to cope with the effects of abuse or bullying. 




Therapy for a Life Beyond Bullying

Our CBT focuses on addressing the cognitive distortions, negative thought patterns, and maladaptive behaviours that may result from such experiences.

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Building self-esteem and assertiveness

Assertiveness training and coping strategies will help you to respond effectively to bullying situations and rebuild confidence. With my help you can learn and practice coping strategies to manage stress and anxiety resulting from past or ongoing abuse. These strategies may include problem-solving skills, grounding techniques, and self-soothing activities.

CBT also aids in identifying and challenging self-defeating thoughts, promoting positive self-image, and enhancing assertiveness. With my help you can unleash your inner strength and confidence.